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Offset Describes His Baller First Date With Cardi B on ‘Kimmel’: ‘I Went Big’

Offset Describes His Baller First Date With Cardi B on ‘Kimmel’: ‘I Went Big’

Offset dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night (July 20) to talk marriage, elaborate gifts and first dates with guest host Anthony Anderson. Jumping right into it, the Black-ish star asked the Migos rapper to describe the first time he went out with wife Cardi B and, as you can imagine, it was a story.

“Our first date I went big,” said Offset, who came out looking like a rock star in black leather pants and matching jacket, graphic tee, shades and, of course, a neck shining with chains that included a giant one with his stage name in diamonds. “I wanted to do something that was not normally done. I wanted to have fun.”

So, of course, he took Cardi to the Super Bowl. Now, he couldn’t remember what number Bowl it was, but he knew his team the Atlanta Falcons played “them Patriots,” (that’s Super Bowl LI, btw). As it turns out, Anderson was also at that game, which he recalled was great, right up until the fourth quarter.

Spoiler alert: Patriots quarterback Tom Brady busted out his Superman “powers” and Offset lost a $10,000 bet. “But you know what I won? My wife,” he smiled as the studio audience broke into applause. “That’s not a bad consolation prize,” Andersons said as Offset grinned, “not at all.”

Anderson then ran down the list of outrageous gifts the couple have given each other, including Cardi’s presents of a half million dollars stashed in a refrigerator and a $500,000 golden Lamborghini, as well as Offset’s generous tokens to his wife, such as a Lambo SUV and a $1 million 20 carat diamond ring modeled off the necklace from Titanic.

Asked if he could share the name of the couple’s upcoming second child, Offset teased that it’s still a “mystery.” The rapper also hyped The Hype, an upcoming HBO Max show in which he serves as a judge in the streetwear competition series.

Watch Offset on Kimmel below:

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