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Olivia Rodrigo Takes Fans Behind the Scenes of Her White House Visit

Olivia Rodrigo Takes Fans Behind the Scenes of Her White House Visit

Olivia Rodrigo says she’ll never forget her recent visit to the White House, where she helped deliver an important message to the youth about getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

The “Drivers License” singer, who encouraged young Americans to get vaccinated while she was at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. meeting with President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci on July 14, fortunately had her visit documented on video.

On Sunday afternoon (July 25), President Biden’s official Instagram account shared the behind-the-scenes look at Rodrigo’s time at the White House.

“Olivia Rodrigo and I agree on a lot of things, from Dr. Fauci’s status as an ‘absolute legend,’ to the need for young people to get vaccinated. Take a look behind the scenes at Olivia’s day here at the White House,” @potus captioned the clip.

The video begins with Rodrigo’s exciting first hello with President Biden and her enthusiastic walk through the White House. Viewers can see her being shown where the Oval Office is, and get a glimpse at what it was like to be brought in for her briefing with White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

“I was so nervous, but I think it went well,” Rodrigo comments on the press briefing.

Later, following her sit-down with Dr. Fauci, Rodrigo says: “I just got to meet Dr. Fauci, and I think he’s incredible and an absolute legend, so it was so cool to get to shake his hand and pick his brain.”

“It’s so important to get vaccinated, even if you’re young and healthy and not at risk,” she adds. “Vaccines help everyone. Just because you’re not particularly at risk doesn’t mean that people close to you aren’t. It’s really the compassionate thing to do.”

“I’m definitely going to be remembering this for my whole life,” says Rodrigo of her visit to the White House.

To date, as of July 25, 163 million people have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and 188 million have received at least one dose, according to the CDC. Looking spefically at numbers for the youth, 57.4% of the population at least 12 years of age is fully vaccinated, while 60% of the population at least 18 years of age is fully vaccinated.

Go behind the scenes of Rodrigo’s visit to the White house with the video below.

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