Lil Nas X Gets Us Again: Drops ‘Uncensored’ Video For ‘Industry Baby’

Lil Nas X Gets Us Again: Drops ‘Uncensored’ Video For ‘Industry Baby’

Lil Nas X keeps playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. The rapper, who has proven to be a master at extending the life of a single, found another new gear on Wednesday (July 28) when he dropped the “Uncensored” version of the already NSFW video for his latest single, “Industry Baby.”

The “Baby” clip — which upped the ante on his lap dance for Satan visual for “Montero” with a pixelated naked prison shower dance — was already controversial. But when the rapper dropped what one would expect would be the full Monty version of “Baby” it seemed like Lil Nas might have gone too far this time.

Nah. He got ya again.

The king of the video rope-a-dope instead posted a “new” visual that starts just like the original, with the shirtless rapper getting sent to prison, shining his Grammy awards in his cell, getting twerked on by his cellmate and taking a long walk to the shower with two other inmates. And then the camera zooms in on the flowing showerhead and… something happens.

Actually, nothing happens. The screen freezes on the flowing water and instead of watching Lil Nas and his fellow inmates doing a wet and wild dance with their Lil Nas’ blurred out, we get a spinning page-loading icon that makes it seem like the clip is frozen and still loading. It goes on like that for over three minutes; because of the trick, Jack Harlow does not appear in the new version.

So, if you were worried that Lil Nas had run out of tricks, don’t. At press time the “uncensored” version already had nearly four million views and the comments were priceless:

“This uncensored version actually seems to be more censored than the the original version.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the secondary rickroll in case rick dies.”

“This is daylight robbery. He really got he ad revenue and streams TWICE. Nas is a genius.”

“We all knew he’s gonna troll us again let’s be honest… but we still love it.”

“Oh that’s just mean lol, dude definitely just earned his pirate flag today, Buhwahahahaha Well played sir.”

Watch the “uncensored” version of “Industry Baby” below.

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