Justine Skye Is Too Busy ‘In My Bag’ for Latest Music Video: Watch

Justine Skye Is Too Busy ‘In My Bag’ for Latest Music Video: Watch

Justine Skye is in her bag and won’t come out of it anytime soon in her new “In My Bag” music video, which she dropped Wednesday (Aug. 4).

She captures her bona fide boss girl song of the summer, off her cosmic Timbaland-produced album Space & Time, in a sleek visual starring her and her girlfriends Amilna Estevao and Yasmin Wijnaldum. The bombastic threesome hit the town, transforming the elevator ride to the new G-Wagon and even the ride to the restaurant is their dance floor and runway all at the same time. Skye flexes how she doesn’t have time to pay attention to her phone — singing, “When I’m in my bag/ My phone stay in my bag/ I’ma have to call you back” as well as “I know I ain’t pickin’ up on your calls or your FaceTime” — when she’s out with her friends securing the bag.

During the ultimate vibe check when she and her girls collect everyone else’s phones at lunch, Skye frees up her hands to cop a spare bottle of bubbly to pop with her posse.

The video, directed by Loris Russier, made its broadcast premiere Wednesday on MTV Live, MTVU and on the ViacomCBS billboard in Times Square.

“This song is what made me call the album ‘the bad bitch manual,’” Skye told a small crowd at the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles last month during an intimate performance of the album. The 25-year-old R&B artist also performed “In My Bag” during Billboard’s first-ever Songs of the Summer virtual concert.

Watch the “In My Bag” music video below.

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