First Stream Latin: New Music From Anuel & Chris Jedi, Natti Natasha, Plus More

First Stream Latin: New Music From Anuel & Chris Jedi, Natti Natasha, Plus More

First Stream Latin is a compilation of the best new Latin songs, albums and videos recommended by the Billboard Latin editors. Check out this week’s picks below.

Anuel AA & Chris Jedi, “Los de Siempre” (UMG Recordings)

A friendship that stems from their teen years is renewed once again in a new Anuel and Chris Jedi track titled “Los De Siempre.” With its raw and honest lyrics, the edgy Latin trap song comes off as a message for haters but it’s more than that. “Los de Siempre” is an ode to 15 years of friendship between the Puerto Rican artist and hitmaker. The chorus celebrates those real friends who have been by your side through thick and thin. “My day ones are here, my day ones are here/ I have my people making money,” Anuel chants. “There’s a reason behind this song and this project,” Jedi said in a press statement. “We are not talking about two people who met recently, we are talking about friends for life.” “This collaboration is special,” added Anuel. “With fewer people in your circle, fewer chances of getting deceived.” — JESSICA ROIZ

Wisin & Los Legendarios, “Playita” (La Base/WK Records)

Reggaeton veteran Wisin and his longtime producers Los Legendarios have released another banger just in time for the weekend! “Playita,” which means “beach” in Spanish, is a fresh, colorful song that will make you dance and most probably, enjoy new summer memories. The thumping melodies that fuse classic reggaeton, old-school perreo, and a female voice in the hooks can easily transport anyone to a Marquesina party in Puerto Rico. The lyrics are an invitation to grab your friends, a couple of drinks, and hit the beach. “Let’s go to the beach/ She never misses/ Inside the cooler there’s a Medalla (Puerto Rican beer)/ With that bikini you look on fire,” says part of the lyrics. – INGRID FAJARDO

Aventura & Bad Bunny, “Volvi” (Rimas Entertainment)

Marking the first time these two worlds collide, bachata supergroup Aventura and Puerto Rican star Bad Bunny joined forces for “Volví,” a love song powered by subtle reggaeton drums laced with bachata guitars. “I know that at the end/ You can’t forget about me/ In the end, baby, you miss how I touch you/ Remember, I know about your body/ Every corner inside out/ Tell home I came back for you,” says the sultry chorus. “Volví,” produced by Alex Killer, was released alongside a music video that brings Aventura and Bunny under one roof at a high-end party where they take center stage to narrate a couple’s rendezvous that leads to one last dance together. – GRISELDA FLORES

Natti Natasha, “Noches en Miami” (Pina Records/Sony Music Latin)

Dominican singer-songwriter Natti Natasha releases “Noches en Miami,” her first solo track of the year, following singles like “Antes Que El Sol Salga” with Prince Royce and her Becky G-assisted “Ram Pam Pam.” On this track, Natti experiments with a new sound, fusing dancehall and reggaeton with retro dance melodies. The lyrics emphasize the importance of personal healing regardless of how hard things get. “Deep down we always know what we must do for our well-being and, in this case, it’s forgetting and moving forward with our life,” she expressed. That’s why “Noches de Miami” sends a clear message of not living in the past. “We might go through a couple of hardships, but life goes on, so it’s time to dance,” she concluded. – IF

Rawayana, Los Amigos Invisibles, Cheo, “Váyanse Todos a Mamá” (Broccoli Records)

Ever since making their comeback in 2020 after a three-year hiatus, Venezuelan collective Rawayana has been unstoppable. Their latest bop, “Váyanse Todos a Mamá,” is in collaboration with their renowned compatriots Los Amigos Invisibles and former guitarist Cheo. Marking their first-ever collaborative effort, Rawayana and Amigos join their eclectic sounds to bring to life a soulful-retro-funk track. Toward the ending of the song, Cheo drops a groovy guitar solo. A modern-day protest song, the artists sing about the political unrest happening not only in their country but across Latin America, including in Cuba, Nicaragua and Colombia. “Desde los años 50’s Con la misma pendeja’/ No soy derecha ni izquierda/ Váyanse todos a mamá,” says the chorus. – J.R.

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