Here Are All the Decoded ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ Bonus Tracks

Here Are All the Decoded ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ Bonus Tracks

Taylor Swift puzzled her fans Thursday (Aug. 5) when she dropped a ton of clues about what’s to come on Red (Taylor’s Version), but now they’ve successfully unlocked the vault.

The pop superstar dropped a cryptic 30-second video teaser on her socials, in which a series of 13-letter word jumbles floated out of a gilded vault. The Swiftie sleuths put on their burgundy velvet thinking caps, quickly got to work, and figured out the nine bonus tracks that will make up the upcoming re-recorded 30-track version of Red, which is due Nov. 19.

Billboard recently confirmed that the heart-wrenching song “Ronan,” chronicling a child’s battle with cancer, will be featured, which is spelled out in the latest puzzle. Swift’s fans also correctly guessed that Phoebe Bridgers would be one of the collaborators, as she appears on “Nothing New.” Here’s something that might also come as nothing new: Ed Sheeran, who’s also featured on the re-recorded “Everything Has Changed” track, linked back up with Swift on the bonus track “Run.” “Taylor’s got a few surprises in store for you, I’ll say that,” Sheeran teased in an interview back in June.

The last (and also commonly guessed) collaborator featured on the re-recorded set is Chris Stapleton, who appears on “I Bet You Think About Me.”

Other tracks that were originally meant for Red but ended up being handed off to other acts — “Better Man” (to Little Big Town in 2017) and “Babe” (to Sugarland in 2018) — will find their way back home on Red (Taylor’s Version). And yes, we will finally be able to listen to the full 10-minute version of her critically acclaimed record “All Too Well,” which she teased on Instagram  at the time of announcing her next re-recorded LP in June.

The nine bonus tracks of Red (Taylor’s Version) are as follows, in the order they appear on the track list:

21. “Ronan”
22. “Better Man”
23. “Nothing New,” featuring Phoebe Bridgers
24. “Babe”
25. “Message in a Bottle”
26. “I Bet You Think About Me,” featuring Chris Stapleton
27. “Forever Winter”
28. “Run,” featuring Ed Sheeran
29. “The Very First Night”
30. “All Too Well” 10-minute version

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