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Saweetie and McDonald’s Partner to Launch the Brand’s Latest Artist-Inspired Meal

Saweetie and McDonald’s Partner to Launch the Brand’s Latest Artist-Inspired Meal

It’s not just a meal, it’s an American classic, and it’s coming to you in fresh new way.. On July 29th, Saweetie and McDonald’s  unveiled their latest partnership, the Saweetie Meal, and today, the combo officially hits stores nationwide. The meal is an assortment of Saweetie’s childhood faves including: a Big Mac®, 4-piece Chicken McNuggets®, medium World Famous Fries®, a medium Sprite®, Tangy BBQ sauce, and the “Saweetie ‘N Sour sauce,” that was aptly renamed after the rap-mogul for a limited time. “

As a nod to the West Coast native’s love for inventive food pairings, McDonald’s has tossed its traditional playbook aside, offering consumers the opportunity to mix and match menu items at their own discretion. That means your fries can be more than a side; you can add that crispiness to your Big Mac, and perhaps top it with some Saweetie ‘N Sour sauce. With this combo, anything, really, can be made into a sandwich.

“There are at least twenty different concoctions [with this meal] that I can eat almost every day because I love the Big Mac, I love the McNuggets, and I love the fries and Sweet & Sour sauce, I mean the deliciousness goes on and on,” Saweetie tells Billboard. “So it was time to decide what kind of meal I wanted to create. I was thinking about the essence of something I can eat everyday. Something in McDonald’s I always order.”

The Bay Area rapper is the latest Billboard chart-topper to collaborate with McDonald’s Famous Orders program, following in the footsteps of J Balvin, Travis Scott, and BTS. Like the aforementioned artists, the “Icy Grl” rapper will also be releasing merch that accompanies the meal in the coming weeks. “What I really love about the merch is that a lot of it is oversized. Men, women, boys and girls are going to be able to pick whatever they like, their favorite colors. It’s all colorful, and it’s ‘icy’ just like me,” says the rapper.

“We’re thrilled to team up with Saweetie, a true brand fan who puts her own spin on everything she touches across music, fashion, beauty and culture,” said McDonald’s chief marketing and digital customer experience officer, Morgan Flatley, in a press release. “And now, she’s brought that spark and creativity to her signature McDonald’s order by celebrating her love for our food and passion for mixing things up.”

Our Icy Grl feels the same: “For me it was a no brainer. I remember I screamed when the opportunity came to me. I was just really excited because I grew up eating McDonald’s and I love it, so I’m just really grateful for the opportunity,” she muses.

In 2019, the hip-hop star scored her first Billboard No. 1 single with the provocative, up-tempo “My Type,” and she’s since become one of hip-hop’s most electric household names. She followed up with another No. 1 single, the laidback melodic number “Back to the Streets” (2020), before cementing her place in the limelight with the release of her anthemic hit “Best Friends.” Both tracks will make an appearance on her hotly-anticipated debut album Pretty Bitch Music via Warner Records.

The Saweetie Meal hits McDonald’s Restaurants today, August 9, across the U.S., so grab your “best friend” and make your order extra saucy.


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