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Here’s How Keith Urban Feels About Wife Nicole Kidman’s Steamy Love Scenes

Here’s How Keith Urban Feels About Wife Nicole Kidman’s Steamy Love Scenes

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have been loved up for the last decade and a half, but how does he feel when she’s loving up on someone else onscreen?

The Australian-American actress talked to E! Daily Pop while promoting her new Hulu miniseries Nine Perfect Strangers about how her husband areacts to her steamy scenes. According to Kidman, he handles it like a pro.

“My husband is an artist, so he understands all of it, and he also does not get involved. He sees the show at the very end when it’s a show, all edited together, and he’s fresh eyes. He doesn’t read any script, he really doesn’t know what’s going on on the set. He’s got his own career that he’s completely absorbed in,” Kidman explained, adding with a chuckle, “He doesn’t know much about what I’m really doing.”

The couple married in June 2006 and celebrated their 15th anniversary earlier this summer. “Happy anniversary babygirl !!!!!!! my life started when you said ‘I do’ 5475 days ago today,” he captioned a photo of them hugging each other on Instagram.

But lucky for the country superstar, Urban played a crucial part of Kidman’s wedding anniversary tribute that shows him licking her neck. “Happy Anniversary baby!” she wrote under the racy photo.

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