Big Sean Reveals on MTV’s ‘Cribs’ What He Kept When He Bought Slash’s House: Exclusive Clip

Big Sean Reveals on MTV’s ‘Cribs’ What He Kept When He Bought Slash’s House: Exclusive Clip

Welcome to Big Sean’s jungle! MTV’s classic series Cribs is back, and Billboard has a first look at the premiere episode — which features the “Bounce Back” rapper’s abode — airing Wednesday (Aug. 11) at 9:30 p.m.

In Billboard’s exclusive sneak peek, Big Sean shows off the party room in his lavish home, which he bought from Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash. “We got a few rules before we go into the club: No cameras, no phones, no videos, no Instagram, no Twitter,” he warns before opening the door for the cameras. “Here we are.”

Behind the entrance is a room with black walls, dark couches, a mirrorball, bright art, and … a stripper pole. “This is a place that I don’t really show people, so you guys are pretty special right now,” shares Big Sean.

“When I bought the house, Slash had this whole club down here, and they were like, ‘You can turn it into whatever you want.’ I’m like, ‘Bro! You f—in’ kidding me? This is Slash’s club! I’m gonna keep it the same!’” explains the Grammy-nominated rapper, before revealing the decorative item he kept from the rocker. “I kept it the same vibe and aesthetic. I did keep the skulls, though, and I feel like this just has to stay in the house forever, you know?”

MTV’s reboot of the series, which offers fans tours of celebrity homes, returns more than 20 years after the show first debuted in 2000. In addition to Big Sean, artists who will appear on Cribs this season include JoJo Siwa, Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross, Rick Ross, Tinashe, and many more.

The show airs Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. on MTV.

Watch Billboard’s first look at the Big Sean episode:

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