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Madilyn Bailey Impresses With Sia Cover on ‘AGT’: Watch

Madilyn Bailey Impresses With Sia Cover on ‘AGT’: Watch

Only the brightest, bravest, or most foolish, would cover Sia in a live setting.

Madilyn Bailey definitely falls into the first two groups.

The Wisconsin singer and YouTuber saw her career take off when she uploaded a cover of “Titanium,” Sia’s hit 2011 collaboration with David Guetta. Nine years on, the clip has attracted more than 115 million hits, and Bailey’s YouTube channel boasts 8.63 million subscribers.

On Tuesday night (Aug. 10), Bailey stepped into the spotlight for the quarter finals of America’s Got Talent, and she brought out the tough stuff, with a dramatic rendition of “Titanium” and all its vocal acrobacy.

Performing at an upright piano, Bailey hit all the high notes and showcased her mastery of vibrato. Her efforts earned her a standing ovation from Simon Cowell.

The prolific 28-year-old songwriter made a real mark with her audition, in which she performed a song composed of hate comments left on her YouTube.

Watch Bailey’s cover of “Titanium” on AGT below.

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