Sexy Zone Hits No. 1 as Official HIGE DANdism Rises to No. 5 on Japan Hot 100

Sexy Zone Hits No. 1 as Official HIGE DANdism Rises to No. 5 on Japan Hot 100

Sexy Zone’s “Natsu no Hydrangea” blasts in at No, 1 on the latest Billboard Japan Hot 100, dated Aug. 2 to 8.

The sweet summery ballad — written by popular J-pop singer-songwriter Motohiro Hata — is the theme of an ongoing drama starring Sexy Zone member Kento Nakajima and sold 259,361 copies in its first week. The track was powered by physical sales and look-ups (both at No. 1), but also fared relatively well in radio airplay (No. 10), Twitter mentions (No. 4), and video views (No. 18). The Johnny’s boy band’s 21st single also sold over 80,000 more copies in its first week than its predecessor, called “Let’s Music,” which launched at 176,844 copies.

While the total points for each continue to decrease, the songs at No. 2 (BTS’ “Permission to Dance”), No. 3 (BTS’ “Butter”) and No. 4 (Yuuri’s “Dry Flower) on the Japan Hot 100 remain the same from last week.

Meanwhile, Official HIGE DANdism rises 8-5 with “Cry Baby,” boosted by streaming that has been gradually increasing since July. The track clocks in at 7,579,546 streams this week from 7,515,860 the week before, coming in at No. 3 behind the two BTS hits and indicating the “Pretender” band’s widespread popularity. The four-man group dropped a new track called “Apoptosis” on Aug. 11 — the lead single from their highly anticipated new album Editorial — and could be on its way to be the next act after BTS and YOASOBI to keep three tracks lodged in the top 10.

The Billboard Japan Hot 100 combines physical and digital sales, audio streams, radio airplay, Twitter mentions, YouTube and GYAO! video views, Gracenote look-ups and karaoke data.

The full Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart, dated Aug. 2 to 8, can be checked out here.

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