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Machine Gun Kelly Reacts to Criticism About His Changing Sound: ‘STFU’

Machine Gun Kelly Reacts to Criticism About His Changing Sound: ‘STFU’

Machine Gun Kelly has one message for people confused about the ever-changing direction of his sound — he doesn’t want to hear it.

Fresh off the release of his latest single “Papercuts,” MGK — born Colson Baker — doesn’t care about genre, and he doesn’t think you should either. The “My Ex’s Best Friend” artist has been teetering back and forth between rap, punk and rock styles as of late, leaving some critics wondering which genre he’s committing to.

In response, Baker posted a TikTok Thursday (Aug. 12) to shut those critics down. “Me: Drops a rock song — ‘Oh he doesn’t do rap anymore!’ Me: Drops a rap song — ‘Oh he doesn’t do rock anymore!” he yells, imitating the back-and-forth discourse of his listeners.

He finishes the clip, which appears to have been recorded in a vehicle, by griping, “Shut the f— up! God d—, I’m not f—ing dying tomorrow. I just drop music!” He reiterates his point with by simply captioning the video, “STFU.”

Based on “Papercuts,” which definitely isn’t a rap song, and the fact that his upcoming album will be in collaboration with Blink-182 rocker Travis Barker, those who favor MGK The Rapper might be a little disappointed in the direction Machine Gun Kelly is taking musically. Still coasting on the chart success of his 2020 album Tickets to My Downfall, the genre-defying artist has already announced (via a forearm tattoo) that his sixth studio album will be called Born With Horns, executive produced by Barker.

Watch MGK’s heated TikTok and his Born With Horns announcement below:

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