Camila Cabello Tells Jimmy Fallon She Doesn’t Even Know What Finger an Engagement Ring Goes On

Camila Cabello Tells Jimmy Fallon She Doesn’t Even Know What Finger an Engagement Ring Goes On

Here’s something you need to know about Camila Cabello: she doesn’t even know what finger an engagement ring goes on. Like, for real. That’s what the singer told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Thursday night (August 26) when the host asked her to respond to internet rumors that she appeared to be wearing a ring on her engagement finger in a TikTok dance video she posted earlier this month.

“Ooh, is this news?,” Cabello smiled while looking glam in a black gown on a Zoom call as the studio audience “ooh”ed at the still Fallon showed them of the 24 year-old singer posing with some bling on her left ring finger. “No, guys,” she clarified after “best friend” Jimmy asked if her boyfriend of two-plus years, Shawn Mendes, has put a ring on it. “He has not, and I am not engaged. I swear to God I don’t know what hand the engagement ring goes on.”

That explains why sometimes she’ll put a bauble on the traditional ring finger, which led Cabello to explain that her parents both lost their wedding rings, so she has zero frame of reference. “Literally, my mom couldn’t tell me either,” she said. “She could save me from this but she doesn’t because she doesn’t know either.”

After Fallon gave her the answer, he explained that he doesn’t wear one either because it doesn’t fit after a ring finger accident, joking that instead he got a lower back tattoo that says “taken.” Cabello said she also has a steady stamp back there that says “Shawn Mendes,” then clarifying that hers says “Señor” and his says “Señiorita,” inspired by the couple’s 2019 hit single.

Cabello also talked about her upcoming “bad ass” version of Cinderella in which the title character isn’t waiting for a prince to save her, “she’s saving herself!”; the Amazon Original modern musical is slated to drop on Sept. 3 on Amazon Prime and also features Pose star Billy Porter as her fairy godmother as well as Idina Menzel, Minnie Driver, James Corden, Nicholas Galitzine and Pierce Brosnan.

Cabello also gave an update on her upcoming third album, Familia, which she said may, or may not, come out in the fall. “But obviously, you never know what’s gonna happen in the world,” she said while confirming that the project is wrapped, but still a bit up in the air. She did, however, reveal that the theme of the collection was inspired by her love of food and having friends and your squad around a dinner table and making them your chosen family in addition to your blood relatives. “Basically… just being about community,” she said. “There’s independence… [but] this album for me was about interdependence and community.”

The singer also revealed that her new flamenco pop single, “Don’t Go Yet,” was inspired by her adorable COVID puppy, Tarzan. “He was in my house and he just barged into the studio and I was with Mike Sabath and Scott Harris who I wrote the song with… and Mike Sabath was like [singing] ‘ooooh, he’s on the track! This is fire!’” she said. “And he was recording and he put it in the song and those kind of notes and the way that the tune kind of made his voice sound sounded like the chorus melody and that inspired the chorus of the song… so he [Tarzan] kind of wrote it.”

And yes, Tarzan does have his own Insta account, in case you were wondering. “Lorde has her onion rings account, I got my dog account,” Cabello joked.

Check out Cabello on the Tonight Show below.

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