George Strait Launches Special-Edition Tequila: ‘Our Goal is to Share the Best Tequila With the World’

George Strait Launches Special-Edition Tequila: ‘Our Goal is to Share the Best Tequila With the World’

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Country legend George Strait is talking tequila for his latest release — a limited-edition expression for his popular Código 1530 Tequila brand.

Strait, who started working with Código a few years ago (and even recorded a song of the same name), has released a Special Edition Double Barrel: Rosa-Reposado Tequila. Available now on, the rich and aromatic tequila features notes of cooked agave, cherry, and citrus, for a smooth yet distinct flavor. The bottles, meantime, feature a custom, special-edition print with Strait’s famous silhouette, guitar and signature.

Each bottle is made from Mexican, bubbled glass with a raised Jerusalem Cross on its shoulder and base (a symbolic representation of the Jalisco region, where the tequila is produced).

Código is known for their Tequila Rosa-Blanco, a naturally pink-hued tequila derived from resting their pure Blanco expression in French White Oak barrels. Strait says he was excited to create another expression that would take the Rosa-Blanco taste profile to the next level.

“I was curious to further age our popular Tequila Rosa-Blanco until it graduated into the Reposado category, without charring the barrels first as we normally would for our Reposado,” he explains.

The lack of charred barrel influence allows the agave to shine through, Strait says. To complete this expression, the tequila is rested for three months, then finished in Spanish Sherry casks to add a touch of sweetness.

“If you enjoy our Tequila Rosa-Blanco, you will love this Rosa-Reposado, as it’s finish is even deeper and richer,” Strait says.

We caught up with Strait to talk about the new release, his continued partnership with Código 1530, and what else fans can expect from the singer and entrepreneur this year.

How is this new release different from the other tequilas in the Código portfolio and why is it special to you?

It’s very unique in that it combines two of our very special flavors and makes a very tasty blend. Our Rosa spends a little time in an uncharred cab barrel and our repo is just rested a bit longer. Just by experimenting around a bit we came up with the combo. I’ve tried other combinations before but this one just seems to work really well. I’m hoping folks will agree.

You’ve been an active partner in Código for years. How are you involved in the creation of each release? 

I’ve been involved in the process from the start along with a few of our golfing buddies. I feel it’s important for me if I’m going to put my name on something or endorse it to have some say in the process or product. Just like my Wrangler, Justin and Resistol association, I’m able to be a part of what becomes the final product. I like that I’m able to do that.

As far as going down to the distillery and start telling them what to do, I wouldn’t dream of doing that. We have a great team of experts down there with many years of experience in making our great tequila. I do go as often as I can, just to see the process and do some tastings, pick out different barrels for special selections and just hang out at our agave fields. Riding through them horseback is my fav.

A lot of people equate country music with whiskey. When did you become a tequila fan? What is it about tequila that you like?

Yes they do, among other things. Kind of funny. “Whiskey River” is one of my favorite songs. Tequila has had its share of association in country music songs as well. I can think of one really good one called “Código.” Can’t remember the artist though (laughs).

I wasn’t a big tequila drinker until I tasted the unnamed-at-the-time tequila that we now call Código 1530. It just wasn’t like any tequila I’d ever had. No salt or lime needed. That was about 10 or so years ago.

What other projects can you tease for the rest of the year?

I’m really looking forward to doing more shows in the future. Got our feet wet again a few weeks ago in Vegas. It was great to be able to play live music again. As far as Código goes, we’re always trying to come up with some great surprises for our Código 1530 tequila lovers out there. We won’t disappoint you. Look for new releases soon.

What advice do you have for fans of yours who are also aspiring entrepreneurs?

This business is a challenge for sure but we knew that when we started out. Our goal is to share the best tequila out there with the rest of the world. Like I always say, if it’s not your favorite you haven’t tried it.

The George Strait Special Edition Rosa-Reposado Tequila retails for $74.99 – $79.99 and is available now at

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