Reba McEntire Rescued From Oklahoma Building After Stairwell Collapse

Reba McEntire Rescued From Oklahoma Building After Stairwell Collapse

On Tuesday, Reba McEntire was among several people rescued from a historical house in Atoka, Okla., after a stairwell in the building collapsed. According to KTEN news anchor Lisanne Anderson, McEntire’s boyfriend Rex Linn was with McEntire at the time of the incident, and there were no serious injuries.

On Instagram, McEntire said of the incident, “While my team and I were in Atoka, OK yesterday checking out an old historical building, a staircase collapsed. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured. We were safely evacuated from the building thanks to the quick response from the Atoka fire and police departments.”

News station KXII also obtained footage of a firefighter assisting McEntire out of a second-story window and down a fire ladder. According to the outlet, McEntire was touring the building as part of work for an upcoming project. The outlet also reports the building is over 100 years old.

McEntire recently announced her upcoming three-part project, Revived Remixed Revisited, which is due Oct. 8. The project includes 30 of McEntire’s best-loved songs included over the three volumes, with each offering a different approach to the music. Revived features some of McEntire’s biggest hits as they’ve evolved over the years with McEntire performing them in concert, while Remixed refashions other McEntire hits such as “I’m a Survivor” and “Little Rock” into club-ready dance tracks. For Revisited, McEntire teams with producer Dave Cobb (known for his work with Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson and more) to offer stripped-down, acoustic renditions such as “Consider Me Gone.” The Revisited volume also includes McEntire collaborating with Dolly Parton on “Does He Love You.”

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