Billie Eilish Attends Jesse Rutherford’s Listening Party Following Breakup

Billie Eilish Attends Jesse Rutherford’s Listening Party Following Breakup

When Billie Eilish‘s rep told Page Six earlier this year that she and Jesse Rutherford had “split amicably and remain good friends,” they really meant it. The 21-year-old pop star showed her support for her ex-boyfriend at his recent listening party, as captured in photos and video shared by the Neighbourhood frontman on Instagram.


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In a video taken at the bowling alley party, the former couple danced together to one of Rutherford’s new songs, one of 11 on his Aug. 18 solo album &ONE. The track, “TURN HEEL,” features a callout to his ex-girlfriend-turned-pal — “I just got a text from Billie” — which Eilish proudly sings in the clip.

Eilish was also tagged by the 32-year-old rocker in a photo from the night, smiling next to a friend holding a balloon animal. “best listening party ever,” Rutherford captioned his Thursday (Aug. 24) post.

Although Rutherford just posted the pictures, the listening party actually took place closer to &ONE‘s release earlier in the month. Eilish shared a couple snaps from the night on Instagram Aug. 14, and a photo of her at the event started circulating on Twitter a couple days prior.

The ex-couple’s platonic hangout comes shortly after she assured followers in an Instagram Stories Q&A that she and Rutherford — who dated for about seven months before calling it quits in May — were “Very very good friends only. My homie forever.” The “Bad Guy” singer also recently gave a shoutout to his band’s 2015 album Wiped Out! in an interview about her favorite records with Dua Lipa.

Before their split, Eilish and Rutherford’s romance caused a bit of stir thanks to the pair’s 11-year age gap — something they themselves seemed to poke fun at last year with a divisive couple’s Halloween costume, for which the younger star dressed up as a baby and Rutherford an old man. The controversy was reignited earlier this month when fans thought Rutherford was speaking on his relationship with Eilish in another one of his new songs, “POV,” with lyrics deemed inappropriate by some listeners: “She been listening to me since 2013/ I know she’s got daddy issues, welcome to the family/ She said, ‘Jesse, baby, won’t you write a song about me?’/ I said, ‘I got a whole album, I could drop it next week.’”

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