Queer Jams of the Week: New Music From Demi Lovato, K.Flay, Vagabon & More

The weekend is here, which means it’s time to get some new tunes to jam out to from your favorite queer artists. Billboard Pride is proud to present the latest edition of Queer Jams of the Week, our roundup of some of the best new music releases from LGBTQ artists.

From Demi Lovato’s reimagined pop-turned-rock songs, to K.Flay’s raging new LP, check out just a few of our favorite new releases below:

Demi Lovato, Revamped

While re-recording past work has become something of a trend as of late, no one is doing it quite like Demi Lovato. On Revamped, Lovato takes a look back through some of their biggest pop hits and reimagines them as bonafide rock bangers, whether it’s soulful ballads (“Tell Me You Love Me”), monster pop smashes (“Heart Attack”) or already rock-adjacent singles (“La La Land”). Revamped is the work of an artist taking the narrative back from her years of pop stardom, and it’s a raucous delight to listen to.

K.Flay, MONO

If you’re still wanting to rage after hearing Lovato’s new album, might we suggest K.Flay’s excellent new LP MONO? Throughout this dynamic new project, K.Flay goes for the jugular over and over again by turning her songwriting inward and learning that her experience is just that — hers. Whether she’s delicately singing about a toxic ex (“Hustler”) or self-flaggulating alongside some gnarly production (the excellent “Punisher”), K.Flay goes all in on every song, making MONO a must-listen.

Vagabon, Sorry I Haven’t Called

On Sorry I Haven’t Called, Vagabon offers to bring listeners on a journey of sorts — with a flourish of house beats and slick pop sounds, the singer-songwriter is ready to whisk you off into a brand new reality, built for the sole purpose of keeping the vibes pure. It’s a smartly-produced, lyrically-rich album that promises to capture your attention for all 35 minutes. As Vagabon told Billboard, “The ethos of what I wanted on this album was just to tell the audience, ‘We’re fine, at least for now.’”

Big Thief, “Born For Loving You”

Anyone who’s attended a Big Thief show in the last few years likely already knows “Born For Loving You” — but if you haven’t attended, now’s your chance to hear it. The studio rendition of the song maintains the joyful, heart-melting energy of the band’s live performance, bringing a pure injection of dopamine into your day. “Doesn’t matter what dreams come true,” Adiranne Lenker sings on the song’s buttery chorus. “I was born for loving you.”

Snail Mail, “Easy Thing”

On her last album Valentine, Lindsey Jordan — a.k.a. indie star Snail Mail — proved to be a master of yearning bedroom rock. Her latest single, “Easy Thing,” yet again underlines that point. On this doleful guitar ballad, Jordan pines for the love that got away, waxing poetic on their relationship even though her ex is left looking like a “loser” throughout the song. It’s a simple, sweet moment of melancholy that we highly recommend you listen to ASAP.

King Mala, “Never Wanna Know”

Imagine giving a s–t what your ex thinks about your life? That’s the mission statement of King Mala’s delectable new kiss off “Never Wanna Know,” a bubbly, middle-finger single in which she proudly proclaims that she’s not even remotely interested in whatever her former flame is up to nowadays. The grooving bassline confidently brings you from one biting lyric to the next, while Mala styles her voice like an audible shrug as she sings, “I never wanna know / If your past keeps you up at night, cause I never worry about mine.” If you are striving to be unbothered, press play.

Check out all of our picks on Billboard’s Queer Jams of the Week playlist below:

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