Here Are 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Reneé Rapp | Billboard

Reneé Rapp reveals five things you don’t know about her.

Reneé Rapp:
Hey, what’s up? My name is Reneé Rapp and these are five things that you might not know about me — and if you do, you pay much too attention to me.

I played golf my whole life and I started on the boy’s golf team in middle school. And they were all super rude to me, for the most part. And I have a distinct memory of someone hitting me in the back of the head with a golf ball. So I hope you rot.

I have a good one… oh, I’m a fake vegan. I was vegan, actually, in real life for two years. And now I just tell people, I’ll be like, “yeah, sorry, I’m a vegan,” and then they’ll be like, “Oh my God.” And I’ll be like, “yeah” and then like, one of my friends will usually be like, “she’s not a vegan. I don’t know why she’s lying to you.”

I used to, when I was a kid, I used to dress my little brother up, putting him in little like skirts and bows, and he looked absolutely stunning. For a while, my little brother was Kylie to me, my younger sister.

I was in Student Council, but not just Student Council, I was actually on the State Board for North Carolina Student Council. I don’t remember exactly what that title was but it was something advisor. And it was a big f—ing deal.

My legal middle name is not Mary Jane. It’s actually just Jane, but my grandmother’s name, who my middle name is after, is Mary Jane and I loved Spider-Man. And I thought MJ was super hot. I got really pissed that nobody put Mary Jane as my legal name and I started just calling myself Reneé Mary Jane Rapp, and now it’s stuck.

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