Jung Kook Says He Misses Performing With BTS: ‘I Want to Be on Stage With All Our Members’

Jung Kook Says He Misses Performing With BTS: ‘I Want to Be on Stage With All Our Members’

It’s been months since BTS has conducted activities as a full group due to the members’ recent solo music endeavors and fulfilling South Korea’s military enlistment requirement. Jung Kook revealed in a new interview with Brady of 103.5 KISS FM Chicago that he misses performing alongside his fellow group mates.


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Brady asked the “Seven” singer what is one thing he missed about each of the BTS members. Jung Kook said that while he could pinpoint something about each guy, he misses their group activities more than anything.

“Of course each member has his own trait, so I could say what I miss about each of them. But more than that, as I worked on my solo project, I got to really miss all the moments we shared together rather than feeling empty,” he said in the interview, released on Saturday (Sept. 16). “For example, staying in the waiting room even though each of us were doing our own thing. When I went to Suga’s concert and when I performed solo on stage, I just thought that I want to be on stage with all our members or I want to hang out with them in the waiting room. I really miss those ordinary moments. I hope that day comes back very soon.”

As for ARMY, Jung Kook described BTS’ international fan base as a “ray of light” that has allowed him to persevere. “It’s hard to put it in words. They are technically not family. I would say it’s definitely love, but it’s much bigger than that,” he said of BTS’ relationship with fans. “This one time, when I was going through some hard times, I was able to get back on my own feet because I had ARMY by my side.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Jung Kook shared that his Billboard Hot 100 chart topper “Seven” came at the right time. “I have always wanted to sing a cool love song like ‘Seven,’” he explained. “And the season was also perfect, too.”

Watch Jung Kook’s talk about missing BTS in the video above.

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