Sum 41 Singer Deryck Whibley Back Home After Hospitalization For Pneumonia: ‘He Is Able to Breathe Without as Much Pain’

Sum 41 Singer Deryck Whibley Back Home After Hospitalization For Pneumonia: ‘He Is Able to Breathe Without as Much Pain’

Sum 41 singer Deryck Whibley was rushed to the hospital due to a bout of pneumonia that wife Ariana Cooper Whibley said could have resulted in heart failure. “Deryck and I were suppose to be in Chicago right now, celebrating our eight year wedding anniversary but the universe had a different plan for us,” wrote the model who married the singer in 2015 wrote in an Instagram post on Friday.


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“We spent the entire night in the ER and will now be spending the next few days here in the hospital as he fights through pneumonia,” she added alongside a picture of her holding Whibley’s hand in the hospital and one of him being loaded out of an ambulance on a gurney. “The scariest part is that there is a lot of strain on his heart and they are telling us that there is a possibility of heart failure.
This is obviously not our first time in a situation like this but it brings back a lot of really difficult memories seeing him back in a hospital bed connected to wires and IVs.”

Whibley was hospitalized in 2014 after years of alcohol abuse had caused his liver and kidneys to collapse, during which he was placed in a medically induced coma for a week to ward off withdrawal symptoms. Sum 41 announced in May that they were splitting after 27 years together following the release of their double-album swan song, Heaven :x: Hell.”

The post from Whibley concluded with a promise to keep fans informed of the singer’s progress. “I know how strong he is because I have witnessed what he has been able to overcome but that doesn’t make it any easier to see” she wrote. “I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated but if you could keep him in your heart over the next few days, we could really use it.”

On Sunday, Whibley provided that promised update on her husband’s health, writing that, “Deryck was discharged after responding so well to his treatments. He is now under the care of his mother who is a registered nurse and myself. The pressure and strain on his heart and lungs has improved and he is able to breath without as much pain.”

Sum 41 — who have been on the road this summer on what they said would be their final tour — are slated to play the When We Were Young Festival in Las Vegas in late October alongside a packed lineup including Green Day, Rise Against, Thirty Seconds to Mars, The Offspring, Simple Plan and many more. At press time a spokesperson for Sum 41 could not be reached for further comment on Whibley’s health or the status of the band’s upcoming dates.

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