Nick Lachey Opens Up About Tech Issues During Controversial ‘Love Is Blind’ Reunion Special

It’s been five months since Netflix aired the Love Is Blind season 4 reunion, which was riddled with a livestreaming snafu as well as controversy surrounding hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey’s questions towards the contestants.

Nick Lachey joined his brother and 98 Degrees bandmate, Drew Lachey, on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy recently, where the star opened up about what happened at the reunion, which ended up being delayed 16 hours after some tech issues. “I appreciate what you said after the fact because I think very few people understand like you do what all goes into that and what’s involved,” Nick told Andy Cohen, who is no stranger to reunion specials himself. After the Love Is Blind special in the spring, Cohen said that livestreaming the event was a “bad idea,” given that “there is a lot of grist to go through before you get to the prime beef, and there is a reason they’re edited down.”

Nick added, “To your point, a reunion, there’s so many things you want to flush out, so many things you want to get to and to try to do that in a timetable that’s finite is not the way to go.” 

Following the reunion, Nick and Vanessa received largely negative comments online for asking contestants “unsettling” questions, some of which included Vanessa delving into personal topics like the couples’ reproductive plans for the future. “You’re cutting people off,” Nick told Cohen. “In your ear you’re getting, ‘We’ve got to go, move on!’ So you’re trying to let people flush out their stories and get things off their chest and you’re doing it while you’re being rushed.”

Love Is Blind season 5 heads to Netflix on Friday (Sept. 22). Watch Cohen’s full interview with the Lachey brothers below.

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