2023 BBMAs Pre-Show | Billboard Music Awards 2023

Hosts Tetris Kelly and Rania Aniftos talk about their favorite Billboard Music Awards moments, the biggest artists of the year based on their chart achievements, new categories in the Billboard Music Awards like K-Pop and Afrobeats, what makes this new reimagined Billboard Music Awards different from other music award shows and more!

Tetris Kelly 0:07
Welcome to the Billboard Music Awards Pre show. I’m Tetris Kelly.

Rania Aniftos 0:11
And I’m Rania Aniftos. Coming to you from the Billboard News studio with all your BBMAs award show coverage

Tetris Kelly 0:17
We’ll run down the biggest finalist of the year, give you a sneak peek at this year’s amazing performances and explain a little bit more about the brand new format for the 2023 Billboard Music Awards.

Rania Aniftos 0:29
Let’s get right into it. The Billboard Music Awards are going to look a little different this year.

Tetris Kelly 0:34
Girl I think that’s a bit of an understatement. They are completely revamped. And we’ve got you covered with an explainer to give you all the details.

Alyssa Caverly
The Billboard Music Awards. The show that recognizes artists who have topped the Billboard charts. This year the big event is being reimagined with a new concept, giving fans unprecedented access to their favorite artists. This is Billboard Explains the revamped 2023 Billboard Music Awards.

Alyssa Caverly
The Billboard Music Awards are set to deliver an entirely new award show concept. So how will it work? Instead of happening live in one place, the performances and award celebrations will take place at different locations across the globe and feel unique to each individual artist. This year’s BBMAs will also be bigger than ever. The BBMAs will unveil performances and winners across BBMAs and Billboard social channels. Or you can watch it all go down by tuning into bbmas.watch on Sunday, November 19. The Billboard Music Awards and Spotify have teamed up to find the most loyal fans, the ones who have listened to the most hours of music within the past year. Make sure to tune into the 2023 Billboard Music Awards all day on Nov. 19. To watch this one of a kind experience go down.

Watch the full pre-show above!

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