Karol G Talks Her BBMAs Performance, Performing in Stadiums & More | Billboard Music Awards 2023

Karol G talks about performing in stadiums, the thinking behind her BBMAs performance, reveals what she has been streaming this year and more. The 2023 Billboard Music Awards are presented by Marriott Bonvoy.

What music did you stream the most this year?

Karol G:
Wow, that’s a good one. Coldplay. I was listening a lot to U2. This year, I listened more to Lana Del Rey. I don’t know why I connected with, like, I’m really spiritual this year. So I’m trying to know lyrics and music and have been listening to lyrics and music that connected more with my soul. Because this year, it’s kind of rare for me. I started looking backwards to the music. I used to listen before a lot like I’m more in baladas and pop. And I don’t know, Karol G. I love my music, and some of my old songs, remember my process when I started and where I’m right now, and it’s really beautiful. Yeah.

Tell us the significance of your music being recognized by the Billboard Music Awards this year.

Karol G:
This year has been really special for me. This album is the most intimate and special in my career. I wrote these songs about really special moments and confident moments in my life. Confident, really. But even with the tour, I’m like, “Wow!” It’s the first time that I’m doing stadiums tour. It’s the first time that a Latina singer is doing a stadium tour like Selena Quintanilla. That is something that she couldn’t finish. I remember when I sit down and start thinking about this tour, I really wanted it to be in the level. You know? Like, I want people to see that Karol G can do stadiums tour and I’m ready and I’m prepared and I can bring, like, experience instead of just a show or an entertainment moment. It’s just like an experience that you go and you share energy and love and tears and happiness.

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