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Latin Remix of the Week: 8onthebeat’s ‘La Diabla (Electro Remix)’

Latin Remix of the Week: 8onthebeat’s ‘La Diabla (Electro Remix)’

The riveting sound of Xavi‘s tumbados románticos and the hypnotic rhythms of 8onthebeat’s dance floor creations collide the pair’s insatiable electro-bélicos single, “La Diabla (Electro Remix)”. 

Last December, Xavi dropped the Billboard chart-smashing original, a crispy guitar-laden tale about a bad boy’s romance with a bad girl, or “she devil.” Today — nearly two months and hundreds of millions of streams later — the the Phoenix-based musician enlists the help of Mexican-American producer 8onthebeat for an electrifying remix apt for the night club.

The song — originally written by Xavi (real name Joshua Xavier Gutierrez Alonso), Alex Hernández, and Fabio Guitierrez — electrifies further in the hands of 8onthebeat by combining the seemingly unprecedented: música mexicana and EDM.


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“I approached this remix with a deep understanding of both Mexican and American cultures,” 8onthebeat tells Billboard Español. “Having a grasp of música mexicana and familiarity with the U.S. market, I saw an opportunity to create a remix that would resonate with a broader audience. Additionally, I noticed a gap in the market for electro remixes of corridos, and I aimed to fill that void with a unique and innovative approach.”

The music producer shared how the time signature of “La Diabla” presented a unique challenge. Unlike the traditional 3/4 time signature common to corridos, and the 4/4 time signature prevalent in American popular music, this piece required a creative fusion. Leveraging his knowledge of both musical cultures, he adeptly blended these contrasting rhythmic elements, achieving a seamless and harmonious integration.

“One of my objectives is to showcase Xavi’s exceptional vocal prowess to the listeners,” he points out. “His unique and remarkable vocal abilities, which can be described as nothing short of extraordinary, have the potential to resonate with individuals who may not typically engage with música mexicana. My intention is for his incredible vocals to serve as a captivating entry point, sparking interest among a wider audience and encouraging them to explore the outstanding talent within our musical genre.” We couldn’t agree more.

Listen to 8onthebeat’s “La Diabla (Electro Remix)” below and see for yourself:

Note: The “Remix of the Week” is featured exclusively on occasions when the Latin/Español editors identify a remix that stands out significantly.

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