Amy Grant Says She Got an Accidental Facelift While Recovering From Bike Accident

Amy Grant is back on the road after a terrifying bike accident in July 2022 that left her with a brain injury, and the Christian pop star opened up to E! News about the recovery process and the surprising cosmetic benefit.

“I don’t know if I’ll get back on a bike,” the singer admitted. “There are so many great sports to enjoy and — I mean, who knows?”

She continued. “I had this bike wreck and unbeknownst to me, I actually had a cyst growing in my throat. Because of the trauma of that bike wreck, it went into hypergrowth. I had this five-hour surgery and they took it out. I actually had to learn to sing again.”

Grant added that before going into her throat to remove the cyst, they asked her if she’d like a facelift while they were in there. “I said, ‘Dear God, no, I actually have to be on stage in X number of weeks,’” she recalled. “It was a five-hour surgery […] and I didn’t ask for it, but I came out of surgery and my neck was a little tighter. I felt like an old, beat-up car that went in and got a paint job and had the dents knocked out. That’s a gift!”

Watch the full interview below.

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