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Camilo & Evaluna Are Expecting Baby No. 2: ‘The  Echeverri-Reglero Are Officially Four’

Camilo & Evaluna Are Expecting Baby No. 2: ‘The Echeverri-Reglero Are Officially Four’

It’s official: Camilo and Evaluna are expecting their second child. With a beautiful poem penned by Camilo for his wife, the couple announced that their daughter Índigo will become a big sister to Amaranto, the planned name for their second offspring.

“Camilo wrote this poem for me before we knew we were expecting you,” Evaluna wrote in a post on Instagram, which was shared by both artists on Wednesday (Feb. 21). “On a flight from Madrid to Miami, we started imagining you with a name and a few weeks later we knew you were already with us.”

“We’re thrilled to meet you. Your big sister already wants to take care of you. Amaranto, we’re honored to be your parents. Thank God for the privilege of being your home,” added the Venezuelan singer and actress. She concluded by saying, “The Echeverri-Reglero are officially FOUR.”


For Evaluna, Music, Love, Family and Motherhood Are the Perfect Mix


Accompanying the post is a video, in which Camilo narrates his poem as they both construct a small tent with a door and windows.

“Evaluna, fertile, a mother never ready, a walker discovered in the journey, a new daughter of calmness and killer of haste,” begins the Colombian singer-songwriter. “Owner of all Sundays, a caller of downpours and heavy rains, a tester of bathtubs and a volcanic diver. A baker by accident, excellent for intentional lack of trade. A springtime crossed. Violator of calendars, anticipator of Christmases, and mother of Amaranto and Indigo.”

At the end, they write in it “Refuge of Índigo and Amaranto,” which seems to be the title of the poem, and they appear inside with their firstborn.

Camilo and Evaluna married in February 2020 after five years together, and became parents in April 2022. Índigo was born months after they announced the pregnancy in the music video of a song named after their daughter.

Rumors of a second pregnancy circulated on social media in recent weeks, with some fans noticing that Evaluna had not been seen in any photo or video with her full body or in tight clothing.

The couple did not disclose when Amaranto is expected. Billboard Español h asreached for further details.

See the couple’s pregnancy announcement below:

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