Sum 41 Talks Farewell World Tour, Their Last Album ‘Heaven :x: Hell’ & More | Billboard News

Canadian rock band Sum 41 talks to Billboard’s Lyndsey Havens about what fans can expect from their farewell world tour, what inspired their double album ‘Heaven :x: Hell,’ how it feels for them to be winding down their career, the reaction they received when they announced they were disbanding, how they feel about the sustainability and longevity of their 30-year career, which memory over the span of their career is the most heaven like and most hell like and more!

Frank Zummo from Sum 41
I pulled up to my kids opening game of T-Ball. I get out of the car and they’re playing “Fat Lip” and his little kids’ T-Ball. And it’s not censored, it’s so inappropriate all the moms and dads were stoked and I was like okay, cool.

Dave Brownsound of Sum 41
Hey, we’re Sum 41 and this is Billboard News.

Lyndsey Havens
I’m Lyndsey Havens for Billboard News and we are here with Grammy nominated pop punk pioneers, fusion band if you will. You kind of do at all, Sum 41. How’s it going, guys?

Sum 41
It’s good

Lyndsey Havens
Eighth and final album ‘Heaven And Hell’ is finally out. Congratulations, followed by the last tour probably impossible to describe. But if you had to, how are you feeling in this moment right now?

Derrick Whibley of Sum 41
It doesn’t feel like anything’s at the end, it feels it’s the beginning of a whole long cycle. So kind of just feels like a new album right now. I think as it gets closer to the end, it’ll start to hit us. But as of right now, it just feels like a new records coming out.

Watch the full interview above!

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