20 Musicians Who Have Appeared in ‘American Horror Story’

American Horror Story kicked off in 2011 on FX with a creepy, crawly opening sequence perfect for the horror anthology. Some viewers immediately clocked similarities between its vibe, sound and look to Nine Inch Nails’ 1994 sepia-toned music video for Billboard Hot 100 hit “Closer” — and as it turned out, there was a connection.

The Ryan Murphy- and Brad Falchuk-created show had tapped former NIN keyboardist Charlie Clouser – who had since gone on to become a producer and composer, working on TV and film scores – to rework César Dávila-Irizarry’s 1998 creation, now AHS’ iconic theme song.

But that’s not where American Horror Story’s musical connections end. While Clouser was behind the scenes, many musicians have appeared on the screen. Sure, staple stars over the show’s 12-and-counting seasons — such as Evan Peters, Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson — are actors who have appeared as various characters across multiple seasons. But the award-winning FX show has also featured music makers in everything from blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameos to starring roles.

The most notable so far has been Lady Gaga, who played the undead Countess in Hotel, a starring role that earned her rave reviews and awards. And who could forget Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks, who not only appeared as herself, but also performed some of the band’s hits on the show? As for the cameos, ‘80s heartthrob Rick Springfield also had a memorable role in one episode of Cult.

Then there are the AHS actors who have also either dabbled in or have a side gig in music. For example, both Connie Britton and Emma Roberts have scored entries on the Billboard charts.

Read on to learn about 20 of American Horror Story’s stars who also have musical careers both big and smaller, as well as the roles they played across the horror series’ dozen seasons.

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