Country Artists You Should Know: Tanner Adell | Billboard News

Ahead of this weekend’s CMT Music Awards, Billboard is putting a spotlight on five country artists you should watch. This episode features Tanner Adell.

Tetris Kelly:
From Beyoncé’s concert to Beyoncé’s album… Tanner Addell is a country artist you definitely need to watch.

The talented songstress has been captivating her audience with certified bops and relatable anthems. And before she even jumped on ‘Cowboy Carter,’ she was already serving a Sasha Fierce type of country, so it was no surprise Queen Bey included her with several up-and-coming Black women of country on her meaningful cover of The Beatles’ “Blackbird” (stylized as “Blackbiird”). 

And with ‘Whiskey Blues’ on the way, we can’t wait for more Tanner!

Watch the full video above!  

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