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Cash Cobain Speaks Out on NYC Concert Canceled for ‘Reasons Out of My Control’

Cash Cobain Speaks Out on NYC Concert Canceled for ‘Reasons Out of My Control’

Cash Cobain has NYC on fire right now. The Bronx rapper/producer’s song “Fisherrr” has gone viral with everyone doing its signature dance, The Reemski. However, virality can bring with it some unfortunate consequences.


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His highly anticipated hometown show at the infamous Irving Plaza set for Monday night was shut down before it got started as swarms of fans and members of the media waited nearly two hours to get in. (I was one of them.) There were rumors of Drake popping out as the special guest, which somewhat explained the frenetic energy we felt while standing outside as the crowd eventually began to become restless. However, Cobain didn’t let that faze him.

Cash Cobain at Union Square Park after Slizzyfest was shutdown.

As police began to clear the scene, Cobain rounded up the remaining fans who gathered for Slizzyfest and led them up the street to Union Square Park for an impromptu show, where he rapped along with fans as a few of his current hits blared from a Bluetooth speaker.

It doesn’t get much more hip-hop than that.

On Wednesday (April 3), Cobain and his team released a statement exclusively to Billboard thanking his fans for the support and promising another soon.

“To all my fans and supporters — thank you for coming out Monday night, we really tried to put on the best show in New York, but for reasons out of my control, the show had to be canceled last minute. The show might’ve got canceled, but I walked out to the park because the fans wanted to see me. They paid money to see me and the guys, and I was out there, I was fly — I had to do it. I needed to be seen. I’m sorry, I love you guys and everyone’s gonna get a refund. We are working on putting on something special for the fans in the near future. Thanks to everyone who came out, I really appreciate it.”

Cobain has been gaining steam since dropping 2 Slizzy 2 Sexy in 2022 alongside fellow New Yorker Chow Lee. Cash flips samples (often found on YouTube) to create songs that mix Jersey club and drill to create his own subgenre that’s been dubbed Sexy Drill. The Sexy Drill sound extols what he calls the Slizzy lifestyle and is the perfect soundtrack for when you’re outside and the weather’s nice. The Summer of Slizz is upon us.

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