Country Artists You Should Know: The Red Clay Strays | Billboard News

Ahead of this weekend’s CMT Music Awards, Billboard is putting a spotlight on five country artists you should watch. This episode features The Red Clay Strays.

Tetris Kelly:
Country meets rock, making the perfect blend of genres. The Red Clay Strays started making music in 2016 and the Alabama natives have climbed the chart since without looking back. After releasing their debut album ‘Moment of Truth’ in 2022, their hit single “Wondering Why” slowly made its way to No. 18 on the Hot Country Songs chart and No. 7 on the Hot Rock Songs chart.

The band blends rockabilly, gospel, soul, blues, rock and country to create what they call non-denominational rock ‘n’ roll.

Dierks Bentley:
I’m just obsessed with this band. I love this band so much.

Tetris Kelly:
Plus, they got the Dierks Bentley seal of approval.

The band recently signed with RCA and announced their first European tour so you may see these guys in your area soon.

Watch the full view above!

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