Brent Faiyaz Presents Executive of the Year to Ty Baisden | Billboard Indie Power Players 2024

R&B star Brent Fayiaz presents his manager Ty Baisden with the Executive of the Year award at Billboard’s Indie Power Players 2024 event.

Hannah Karp
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the incredible Brent Faiyaz.

Brent Faiyaz
What’s up with y’all? Let me, uh, Let me first off thank the staff and everyone at Billboard for allowing me to grace that cover. I really appreciate y’all, but make some noise for being in this room. You know, everybody here, make some noise for yourself for being here. I didn’t prepare no speech … and, you know, we independent, so we roll with the punches and sh– like that. But I’m gonna just say one thing. It’s one thing you feel me for people to love what you do and appreciate your art and what you put out, and it’s another to be acknowledged amongst your peers, and that’s what this is right here. So let me, let me acknowledge my brother, Ty Baisden for Executive of the Year.

Ty Baisden
Just like my brother, I did not prepare a speech, but I do want to thank first God. I want to thank my mom, my family, culture. I want to thank Malana at STEM. I want to thank Troy at Venice and the entire Billboard team for really taking the time out and honor us in a really great way and, yeah, that’s pretty much it, man, stay independent.