RM Reflects on Military Service So Far, Says He Misses His ‘Meaningful & Precious’ Moments With BTS

It’s been six months since RM enlisted in his mandatory South Korean military service, and the BTS superstar took to social media network Weverse on Saturday (June 15) to reflect on the process thus far.

“It was [BTS’] 11th anniversary not long ago, but I couldn’t leave even a short post because I was busy,” he wrote in the post, which was shared in Korean. “‘Comeback To Me’ came out a month ago, and RPWP came out three weeks ago. Last April, I postponed my plan to enlist with [J-Hope] and ended up joining hands with my younger siblings. I think I spent the last 23 years just drinking and working. I’m jealous of my friend’s sergeant’s badge… but I have no regrets. (lol).”

He continued, “This is my first work where I haven’t been able to share my thoughts in person. There’s a lot I want to say, but it’s all written in the album… This is just an album in which I struggled to be honest with myself. I hope you read it over and over again for a long time.”

He also reflected on his fellow BTS member Jin, who completed his service last week and marked the occasion by reuniting with his bandmates, who were all given leave to celebrate. In the sweet moment, accepted a bouquet of flowers and laughed as RM greeted him with a performance of the their Hot 100 No. 1 hit “Dynamite” on saxophone at the military base in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi province. “I brought a saxophone to play for fun, but in reality, I had mixed feelings,” he wrote. “I wonder if it would have been very lonely and difficult to go first.. what would it have been like? One year and six months is fair to everyone here.”

The global superstars are expected to officially reunite in June 2025 after all members are released from service. “Jin always used to talk about it. I miss the members so much,” RM wrote. “I bet you do too. Now that I am scattered and living somewhere in Gangwon-do, I understand deeply. When we actually talked face to face, I realized again the things that never change, the place I had to return to, and what kind of person I was… It was a meaningful and precious time for all of us.”

He concluded by noting that he’s “looking forward to next summer” writing, “I just realized that many people still haven’t forgotten us and are waiting for us and loving us. Overflowing love. As always, I will just think of the members and spend each day well.”

See his full post here.