Gigi Hadid Gifts Taylor Swift Adorable Benjamin Button Ring With Travis Kelce Reference

Gigi Hadid took gift giving to the next level.

The supermodel gifted her best friend, Taylor Swift, an adorable gold ring shared by jewelry maker Cece Jewellery. “What an absolute honor it was to create something special for Taylor Swift,” the company wrote alongside a photo of the ring. “Gifted to her by her best friend, this piece features her famous cat, Benjamin Button, encircled by a lustrous pearl border with flaming hearts on either side. It includes her favorite number, 13, on one side and Travis Kelce’s jersey number 87 on the other. This ring is designed to keep her favorite things close. It’s been amazing seeing her shine on the London stage, and we are keeping our eyes peeled to hopefully see her wearing it soon.”

“It’s perfect☺️ thank u x,” Hadid commented on the post, which you can check out here.

Swift and Kelce had some fun at the third of a trio of Swift’s concerts at Wembley this weekend. Kelce, after watching the show among friends, family and celebrities all three evenings in London, made his Eras Tour stage debut at the start of “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart.” The Kansas City Chiefs tight end carried an exhausted Swift to the couch on set in the over-the-top final act of her Tortured Poets extravaganza.

“I’m a psychopath at a Taylor show,” Hadid, meanwhile said back in March 2023 on an episode of E! News. “I go nuts. I’m not cool at all. I’m like the most embarrassing friend.”