Who Is Yeri Mua? Meet The Mexican Influencer Who Signed with Sony Music México

Who Is Yeri Mua? Meet The Mexican Influencer Who Signed with Sony Music México

The life of Mexican influencer Yeri Mua has taken a new turn with her foray into music, writing yet another chapter in her peculiar story.


Influencer-Turned-Singer Yeri Mua Signs with Sony Music Mexico


Born in the port of Veracruz, Mexico, Yeri Cruz Varela (real name) went viral in 2018 at just 16 years old, doing makeup tutorials on YouTube and social media that attracted thousands. But that was only the beginning. Over time, the girl with a carefree spirit would share with her audience family aspects such as her relationship with her parents, whom she made part of her content; her stormy love affairs, which became part of her daily life in her online publications; and her much talked about physical transformation, achieved after several cosmetic surgeries and, of course, makeup.

All of this has grown her fandom: On TikTok, for instance, she has more than 22.6 million followers; on Instagram, she boasts 12.1 million. (On YouTube she has a separate account where she now posts her music).

Her friendship with Mexican reggaetón stars like Jey F and El Gudi led her to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer in 2023, when she collaborated with them on the song “Chupón”, whose video has more than 100 million views. Then came “Línea del Perreo” with Uzielito Mix, El Jordan 23 and DJ Kiire, and “Mamita Rica” with rising star Kenia Os, who also started her career as an influencer.

Today, at 22, Yeri Mua is a celebrity who has caught the attention of superstars like J Balvin, with whom she released “G Low Kitty Remix” last April. Shortly thereafter, the content creator-turned-singer moved on from being an independent artist by signing a contract with Sony Music Mexico in early June. And, on Tuesday (June 25), she received a nomination for Premios Juventud in the “Creator of the Year” category.

In an conversation with Billboard Español, the Mexican influencer of the moment talked about her music plans, her ability to learn languages, her thoughts about starting a family, the moments that have shaped her character, as well as her plans to retire early.

How was your signing day with Sony Music?

As a woman I felt fulfilled. My managers, my best friend, my parents were there. Just before signing, my parents and I had a very intimate moment where we asked my grandfather, who is in heaven, for his blessings and to enlighten me on this important path.

Your parents have been together for many years. Have you imagined yourself getting married?

You bet I have. I would have no problem getting married at this age, even though many people say it’s not good. I’m not afraid because there is divorce. A wedding is a very nice family celebration.

Your relationships have been much talked about and your partners have even been criticized.

The truth is that I used to love toxic boyfriends — but to get married, I wouldn’t marry just anyone. For example, I get along very well with my current partner, because he listens to me in everything and that makes me happy.

I would like a beautiful [wedding] gown. There are not so many weddings anymore, so I would like a party in style. Maybe I would get married between 25 and 27.

Despite your age, you seem to have already experienced a lot. What is Yeri really like?

I think it is very demonized to make mistakes; making mistakes is a way to learn and move forward, and that has been my life. Many people think that I have always been a liberal person sexually and in every way — but no, when I was 17 my mother did not allow me to go out with skirts or showing cleavage.

My personality was formed as I grew up, because it was a process for my parents to accept the way I am now. I have always been extroverted, but it was a process. Today they love me and accept what I do.

Does anyone advise you on what to do?

I have not learned from what others tell me, I have to live it and stumble, and then I can get over the bumps. I don’t have to follow the advice of others; I have to follow my intuition even if it sucks. Today I can say that the problems I got into one, two or three years ago I would not commit them again.

You have talked about retiring young, at age 35. Is this true?

Yes, because I want to have a family and I don’t want my children to be nepo babies, to be exposed. If I am exposed it is because I want to. I don’t want my children to be exposed to cameras or fame without them causing it.

If I am working hard and breaking my back right now, it is to give them a normal childhood. I would like to have two children.

Has making money always been your objective?

I am in favor of the fact that it is not necessary to get a college degree. Since high school, I started studying hairstyling, because we were not going through a very good economic period and I started working since I was a teenager: I did nails, scrubbed feet, took care of children, I did everything because I liked to earn money. My mom allowed me to do high school online as long as I worked and I haven’t stopped.

I believe that no one should skip the stage of enjoying youth. However, I believe that working changes young people’s mentalities.

Are there any other passions you have besides music and makeup?

I always went to private schools, although I studied one year in the U.S. in a public school.

My school in Mexico was trilingual, so in addition to Spanish, I learned English and Mandarin Chinese. Languages have always been easy for me. In fact, I started studying languages ​​and I would like to return to it.

How do you stay in shape?

I confess that I had rhinoplasty, liposuction twice and breast implants. Before my surgeries I was 20 kilos (44 lbs.) overweight — I lost weight on my own and then I had surgery. To be honest, I am not so much of an exerciser nor a dieter. At home I have a person, Mrs. Lucy, who cooks for me. If you eat healthy at home, you don’t need diets.

Tell us about the experience of making a video with J Balvin.

Although it was very fast, it was very pleasant. Colombians have something special, they make you feel good. J Balvin is someone I admire for the musical legacy he is leaving, he is a gentleman.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

My dream reggaetón collaboration would be with Karol G or Tokischa, but artists that I also love and are top for me are Ice Spice and Doja Cat. I’m very inspired by their image, and I’m going to work to achieve it.