Grupo Firme Takes Billboard Behind the Scenes of Their La Ultima Peda Tour | Billboard News

Grupo Firme takes Billboard behind the scenes of their La Ultima Peda Tour. The Mexican group shares what they’re hoping to achieve with this concert, their upcoming collaboration with Demi Lovato and what it was like to record their song, the impact of Regional Mexican music on Latin music and more!

Ingrid Fajarado:
The last party with Billboard and …

Grupo Firme:
Grupo Firme!!!

Eduin Caz: 
It’s not our last tour. The reason for the title of The Last Party is that the last party never really happens. I think this time around in this last year we took a sabbatical year, we could call it that. I feel like everything is in good harmony and it has, and it has to keep flowing like this because, in reality, this tour is for that, to just go with the flow. I’m explaining myself correctly?!? But I want to enjoy it one day at a time. I finish my show and the next day if I want to take my mom shopping, because my mom is in the hotel right now, I bring her everywhere, I bring my children, you get it right? I bring my whole family, and if my bandmates want to be with their families two or three days before, do it. There’s nothing I’ll do about it.

We are in Miami because we have a show this weekend, we had a couple of interview, we all got to hangout together. We just all got to hangout together. 

Jhonny Caz: 
We had some interviews with some networks that get filmed here in Miami.

I saw one of the interviews and was intrigued about what you said in the interview about a collaboration that you are doing.

Eduin Caz:
Yes, there’s a collaboration with Demi Lovato. 

Very good.

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