Grupo Firme Talks Demi Lovato Collab, Mexican Music’s Global Domination & More

Grupo Firme Talks Demi Lovato Collab, Mexican Music’s Global Domination & More

Grupo Firme took over Miami with its La Última Peda Tour, making a stop at the Kaseya Center on June 1. But before the regional Mexican band even took the stage, Billboard hung out with its members a few days before for exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and a one-on-one interview.

“It’s not our last tour,” Firme’s frontman Eduin Caz clarifies in the latest installation of Tour Stop With Billboard. While the tour’s name might suggest otherwise, Caz is crystal clear that what the name actually hints at is more ironic than anything suggesting that “the ‘last party’ actually never happens.”

Grupo Firme also spoke about an upcoming collaboration with Demi Lovato, which is set to arrive as música mexicana continues to dominate the Latin music scene. “Demi Lovato is an artist whom we’ve admired since we were kids,” Caz shares. “We would watch her on television and luckily the collaboration happened and the song is really good.” He also adds that he spoke in English and she was “kind enough” to also speak Spanish.


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“Mexican music has grown so much,” says Firme’s Jhonny Caz (also Eduin’s brother). “Yes, some collaborations that you might have not imagined a few years ago with artists who want to make Mexican music are happening today. It shows that music breaks many barriers, many boundaries. I hope these collaborations will continue and see what the future holds.”

Back to live music and the tour, Firme shares what a pre-show is like for them. “We can’t say it here on camera,” the brothers joke. “The truth is that a pre-show is just something natural. We’re listening to music. Before the show, we start the show,” Johnny says. “Before the show we have some drinks,” adds Eduin.

Grupo Firme’s La Última Peda Tour continues with stops in Chicago, Austin and Las Vegas. Watch the band’s interview for Tour Stop With Billboard above.