Sexyy Red & André 3000 Bond Over Haters

Sexyy Red and André 3000 bonded over haters during a recent appearance on the Uninterrupted’s The Shop.

In a clip posted on The Shop‘s Instagram page, the St. Louis rapper was speaking about doubters when André stepped in to tell her to let the hate motivate her.

“They still don’t believe in me, so I just be like, ‘I’ma show you who I am,’” she said. “And like he said, they don’t understand like we really came from nothin’ and then we be makin’ big achievements. Like, that’s something for us. And then they just be like, ‘You ain’t doing nothin’.’ But for us, it’s like, ain’t nobody doin’ this.”

Stacks interjected to give her some advice, saying, “Fuel. Use it for fuel. Hater fuel, man, it’s the best shit. It’s free energy.”

Sexyy Red then replied, “I like it when they talk about me, I ain’t gonna lie,” to which André then said, “That s–t free energy, that make me go, that make me go in. I love when somebody doubts you.” She then responded in agreement, saying, “‘Cause now I’m finna show you somethin’.”

One fan took 3000’s “hater fuel” quote as a challenge, telling the rapper-turned-flautist to “stick to that lil’ flute,” which started a hilarious thread of replies of things such as he wouldn’t be able to handle a Madlib beat or that Sexyy Red could out rap him.

On Tuesday (July 9), The Shop posted a clip of André 3000 telling a story about the time Pimp C got mad at him for taking the beat off his verse when they were making the classic love song “Int’l Players Anthem.”

This particular episode will also include fashion designer Jerry Lorenzo, BMX athlete Nigel Sylvester and comedian-actress Jiaoying Summers, and premieres Thursday, July 11, at 12 p.m. ET.