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BTS’ Jimin Shares How His Parents Coached Him Through a Difficult Time

BTS’ Jimin Shares How His Parents Coached Him Through a Difficult Time

Just because you’re on top of the world doesn’t mean that you necessarily feel like it all of the time. In a lengthy interview with Weverse Magazine that published on Sunday (Aug. 1), BTS’ Jimin opened up about a recent “difficult” period and how his parents helped him through it.

“I only realized it recently, but I used to be really unstable,” Jimin told Weverse. “I thought I could take care of all these problems, but looking back, that wasn’t the case,” he continued, attributing it to being “headstrong.”

“I felt like I was becoming empty sometimes, at first. I felt like I was denying my own thoughts and beliefs,” Jimin explained. “But I talked a lot with my parents, and I said, ‘Did you know I was going through all that?’ And they said, ‘We didn’t know what you were going through, but we knew it was something.’ So finally I shared what I was feeling with them, and my mom and dad talked to me like they were my life coaches. After coming out of that whole period, even when I do similar things, I can tell my mind has changed a lot.”

Some of the sentiments expressed in Jimin’s interview brought to mind recent Weverse chats with other members of the band. BTS’ RM recently told Weverse he was a bit “stressed” while preparing for “Butter,” but he was far more relaxed while working on “Permission to Dance” (both Billboard Hot 100 No. 1s). Jin also told Weverse he was feeling “healthier” now after the pressure to follow-up the success of “Dynamite.”

Jimin echoed that in his Weverse interview, saying, “‘Butter’ was a bit hard for me,” though he felt “a lot of comfort from” the song “Permission to Dance” and the fan responses. “At some point, it stopped feeling real,” Jimin said. “The reactions from fans, the cover videos they uploaded and the dance challenges they did. I’m just so thankful for that. It lit up my life.”

Weverse is owned by Hybe Corporation, which also owns BTS’ record label Big Hit Music; each member of BTS holds stock in Hybe Corporation.

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