Tate McRae on The Success of “Greedy,” Her Favorite BBMAs Moment & More | Billboard Music Awards 2023

Tate McRae opens up about the success of her song “Greedy,” the relationship she has with her fans, remembers her favorite Billboard Music Awards moment and more. The 2023 Billboard Music Awards are presented by Marriott Bonvoy.

Tate McRae:
I think that’s dedication.

How is your relationship with your fans?

Tate McRae:
I feel like I’m really close to my fans. I feel like we just have a very, like, close friend vibe. They’re always, like, whenever I do performances, and I see them, I see a lot of the same people at these kinds of performances, and I feel like they just, like, make me so comfortable and calm, and it’s just the best feeling when I get to look at them and sing with them.

Why do you think “Greedy” resonated so much with your audience?

Tate McRae:
I don’t think people really expected me to release a song like this. I didn’t expect me to release it. I mean, I was deciding for forever on what song I wanted to come back from, like, a 10-month break from. And I think also, people weren’t expecting me to dance like I did in the music video. And I think it was just a little shocking, but it also just feels like a switch-up in my personality. And I think my fans are ready to see, like, a more confident, like, bad–s side of me. And yeah, it just feels very exciting starting the album, with that kind of energy, going into it.

Do you have a favorite Billboard Music Awards memory?

Tate McRae:
I am a big fan of The Weeknd. And anytime he performs, I’m a huge fan, but one of his best performances, I would say was the one with all the cars behind him and he was doing “Save Your Tears.” It was such a good show. But I also just, like, love him and all of his performances

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